On the morning of Oct 26th 2005 we went to work with our blue golf t-shirts on that had the logo of Nova Uranium on them. With fear and trembling the trading began....we raised $3.6 million at .50c per share and at the opening of trading at 9.30 EST the first trade was at .60c per share and after trading 860,000 that day we ended the day down .03 to close at .57c. A few days latter the stock bottomed out at .38c per share.

By the end of March 2006 with not a single drill whole back from the lab the stock was trading at 4.55 per share....A wise person once said "ya don't want to drill a good property in jest." Unfortunately, Nova Uraniun has not found echonomical grades of Uranium at this time and therefor the market has punished the stock. However, we can say that everyone that invested in the IPO at .50c had plenty of opportunity to take profit off the table as the market moved up. Unfortunately, the company has not come up with the goods and there were lessons learned from NOVA...good and bad.

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