company overview

Brighton capital consists of several consultants that have a solid track record of delivering shareholder value through our network of investment bankers, brokers, private equity investors, lawyers, accountants and consultants. We have successfully assisted in listing several IPOs in mining, technology and consumer companies over the last 5 years. Further, we have capitalized, reorganized and restructured several highly prospective existing companies. We are pleased to report that our track record is excellent. Each company has delivered on their sales, profit and product development and the value to the various investors has been measurable. Why do some projects succeed while most fail? There are two basic reasons that we will outline below. This gets right to the core of who we are and what we do!


Most public companies are set up and designed to benefit a few at the expense of many. Most investors are not averse to risk as long as everyone is playing by the same rules and there is a level playing field. However, how does the average investor compete with an insider or promoter that has received stock at a fraction of a cent per share with absolutely no restrictions on selling that stock at anytime or at any price? Structure, structure, structure. Insiders, promoters and anyone that has a stake in the company should not be able to sell any stock until the company reaches predetermined criteria. That could be revenue and profit projections or in the case of an exploration company it could be grade and size of resource. Also, management's wages and expenses need to be curtailed so that the company has the money it needs to fulfill its business plan. Investors need a structure that protects them and puts everyone in a position whereby no one can get at any money or any stock unless it benefits the company in a measurable way.

At Brighton Capital we negotiate a structure with everyone involved that protects investors first and foremost. This is why we invest in our own IPO's and financings. No one benefits until the average investor has an opportunity to see a return.


Having a great idea or the very best next widget or technology does not make a business succeed. It takes a special blend of forward thinking, co-operation, motivation, passion, knowledge, focus and determination to make outstanding management. So how do you develop good management? You don't! You hire management that has a proven track record of success in the type of business you are trying to build. It may cost more initially but if the business has potential then it's worth the expense.


Poor structure and poor management are the main reasons businesses fail. Brighton Capital minimizes these risks by structuring our projects properly and ensuring the management team is sound. Even with these measures however, there is no guarantee of success. What we do provide though is the ability for investors to have the first opportunity to make a return on their investment.

We would be pleased to speak with you about our current project or any up and coming projects.